About Us

We founded Bare out of concern for the environmental impacts of fast fashion. For too long the fashion industry has focused on trends, which means clothes that look good now will soon be irrelevant. Because they aren’t made to last, brands tend to compromise on quality and longevity. These clothes then get tossed in landfills to make space for new ones, and the cycle repeats. We thought hard about how we could challenge this and in the process, redefine our relationship with clothes.

We believe that when done right, clothes can become investment pieces that are highly versatile and resilient. Our clothes are just that; they transcend trends and styles, and we promise they’ll become mainstays in your wardrobe for years to come.

We made a bold stance and it’s a huge commitment. To do so, we need the strength of more than the both of us. In fact, we’ll need a whole community to join us. We want to hear from you – your opinions on fast fashion, slow living, and everything in between. Write to us about your thoughts and issues and make yourselves heard. Tell us how you live a slower life, but also let us know how we can improve.

We can do better, together. Join us as we challenge the status quo and save the earth — all while looking damn good.

Lots of love,
Jae & Serena